IBO features

Not only a great travel

Do you know about Voda IBO features? You are never alone while You’re in business on your own.

Customer care: If you have a question about anything – such as registration, renewal, business, or product information – our Customer Care Associates have answers to help you.

Marketing: We support your sales efforts with online sites, magazines, DVDs, brochures, and free websites you can personalize to grow your business. And we help build awareness of your products and brands with national advertising, promotions, and event sponsorship.

Order management: You retail the products, and we'll do the rest, such as process the order, manage your customer accounts, and handle the shipping details.

Training: Our company provides special training programs and increase distributor information about the advertisement.

You can manage your business, order products, renew your business and check customer volume, all at your IBO center at Voda.net.