Highest Level of Security

Data Encryption
All transactions through the VodaNet system protected with an extremely high level of encryption provided through its partnership with Comodo cybersecurity company. All purchase pages are secure and contain the symbol on the right, which can be clicked on to verify the security of the page.

It means that any information provided to VodaNet on a page where a lock symbol is shown in the status bar of their web browser is protected. If a page is secure, the lock or key at the bottom of the page will change color or become closed, varying on the browser that you use.

DDOS attack Protection hardware
We have a strong hardware DDoS attack protection. To keep our servers protected from the attacks we use the valuable hardware firewall, it's a self-teaching machine, and it does the job pretty much itself with SYN flood detection, spoof filtering and hourly updating world knew zombie IP list.

We don't share your personal and financial information with any third parties, but not limited to: government structures, telemarketing agencies, mass media, other clients or any other organizations. We provide 100% privacy and confidentiality. For more information read the privacy policy.